- Exercise

Let's try Brainswarming!

by Maciek Jarosz
Brainstorming? That's so 2000-ish. Let's try an alternative, where everyone can be included, work within a timebox, add their own great ideas in this collective exercise of how to tackle a challenge. It's called Brainswarming. I can propose 2 sessions of this exercise: - individual group (any number of participants) - where I can show how it works and how to potentially use Brainswarming with Liberating Structures. Timebox - under 90 minutes, from start to finish. - freestyle - let's put up a challenge on a wall that is easily accessible by everyone and see how participants adds to it during those two days of the conference. Timebox - the conference. Participants may add great ideas to the wall during those two days of conference. We can make a short debrief on Saturday. Disclaimer: - no boring lectures, you can read about the history of Brainswarming online. Instead I'll provide instructions on how it works and we'll dive into the topic straight away.