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Magic System Mapping or „How to make toast“

by Carsten Rasche
One and the same topic – but numerous perspectives and knowledge levels. This situation is often found in teams before they start developing a product or solve a specific problem. The method Magic System Mapping helps teams to merge individual perspectives and position into an overall picture and system. The goal of the short session is to experience the method and to get practical tips on how to apply it. Originally the method was developed by Tom Wujec, a pioneer in the field of business-visualization. It is based on two simple principles: Non-verbal communication and collaborative visualization. As a ScrumMaster and Agile Coached I used Magic System Mapping in numerous context: Creating Product Visions, developing Story Maps and Customer Journeys or designing Kanban systems are only a few of the contexts in which this method can be used. In the first part of the session we will apply and reflect the method on the question “how do you make toast”. In the second part I will give some insights into different cases in which I have used the method.