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SessionLab is the dynamic way to design your workshop and collaborate with your co-facilitators. Through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, SessionLab helps you to keep your focus on designing effective meeting processes. No more messing with spreadsheets, save your time and attention for what matters!

Try the Pro version of SessionLab for an extended two months period by creating a free account from this invitation link.

Or just browse around to find in our public library of more than 500 facilitation techniques and workshop templates.

SessionLab will also sponsor the best session contest of Agile Camp Berlin with three annual SessionLab Pro subscriptions.

Why do consultants, agile coaches, and facilitators use SessionLab?

“I love SessionLab and the streamlined approach it has allowed in designing sessions and collaborating with partners and clients.” Morgan Wiley — Consultant & Facilitator

“The biggest value is that SessionLab makes us really thoroughly prepare for the workshop and design the right process” – Verena Köppel — Transformation and Service Design Expert

Every module you create in SessionLab becomes a reusable element, and your colleagues can easily find, reuse and adjust content from previous sessions or from your central knowledge base.

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