Susanne Johne

Susanne Johne

Personnel Developer, Project Manager, Agile Thinker . Berlin, Germany

I am a personnel developer and team lead, with various experiences in the non-profit, civic & social organization industry. Recently I’ve completed professional training in agile project management. Now I am pursuing a career in which I can develop talents in agile working enviroments.

I am passionate about creating appreciative and productive work athmospheres to generate co-creative flows that energize everyone and produce great results. For the success of agile practices open communication, collaborative (self) leadership and appreciation of individuality are crucial factors in my opinion.

I am excited to be part of the organization of this bar camp and eager to create a memorable experience for you.
If you want to learn more about the camp, please contact me via LinkedIn or Xing.

I am looking forward to meeting agile-minded people, learning, playing and networking in the agile community Berlin. Let’s inspire each other and grow together!