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Agile Camp Berlin 2019 Video

The video of the Agile Camp Berlin 2019 is available! Again, we like to thank all attendees for turning an idea into an outstanding experience! The video was created by Rhea Schmitt.

Opening Times / Schedule

In General Doors to the Agile Camp Berlin open on Friday, 8 am. We will provide breakfast each day. On Friday, you can help yourself from 8 to 10 am from a selection of croissants, muffins, yogurt, and fruit. The session planning will take place each morning during the opening plenary at 9 am. Sessions…

Agile Camp 2019 FAQs

This FAQs are updated frequently, so please check back. If you have questions which are not covered here, please ask in our slack channel #agile-camp-berlin (see below under “How can I mingle with other participants”). How can I get to the Agile Camp 2019? – Adress Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum Wallstrasse 32, 10179 Berlin More…

What is Barcamp?

The Agile Camp Berlin is facilitated as a Barcamp, also called un-conference. So what is a barcamp? Is there any drinking involved? Ok, let’s find out: Barcamps became very popular the last years, organized by the community for the community. Usually people who share a common interest meet and work on topics. Meaning: Everybody can…