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sipgate is a German provider of VoIP telephone services. We’ve been working with agile and lean methods since 2010. To learn from others and share our experience is an essential part of our work culture.

Hacking Work – Working agile with a time clock and ‘no home office’-policy

What happens when you go full-in on agile and lean – with all of the company, not just the IT department? Wonderful things! When we started using Scrum in 2010, all we wanted was to deploy updates more often than every few months. Nowadays we “go live”more than 20 times a day and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s changed.

No titles, no managers, no departments, no budgets, no overtime. Instead: self-responsibility, feedback, learning, freedom, and fun – that’s how we create value for our customers.

We’ve recorded the experiences and results from our transformation towards a lean and agile company in our book “24 Work Hacks … we wish we discovered sooner.”

Hacking Telco – Innovative telephony services thanks to an extraordinary company culture

sipgate isn’t your typical telephony company. Founded in 2004, we became the first ever German VoIP provider and we’ve been exploring the space between internet and telephony ever since. With over 150 colleagues we work on innovative landline and mobile products for homes, offices and on the go. Hundred thousands of residential and business customers use our services daily.

How do we achieve this? With a radical DIY approach. As nerds and designers, geeks and creators, we do everything in-house. We will continue to invest in our telephony platform, as this bespoke software system is the key to offering services other providers can’t offer.

Hacking Comfort Zone – Ongoing knowledge exchange as a core competency

Looking beyond the horizon and getting out of our comfort zone, doing things differently and keeping our customers in focus – these are the principles that fuel our work and make each day better than the one before. We meet exciting people and search for new perspectives at conferences, workshops, and training around the globe.

We host a free event series, Lean DUS, at which national and international experts talk about agile methods, new technologies, and other interesting topics. Likewise, it is an essential part of our culture to share our knowledge and experience with other people, e.g. on the Open Doors Day in our offices.

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